Brad Pitt Disses Jennifer Aniston; Calls Their Marriage 'Pathetic'

Saturday, September 17, 2011 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

In an interview with Parade magazine, Brad Pitt majorly disses ex-wife Jennifer Aniston by calling their five-year marriage 'pathetic'.

He goes on to gush about how 'fulfilled' he feels with Angelina Jolie and how interesting his life is now compared to how it was when he was married to Aniston.

I'm willing to bet that these exes probably aren't Friends

Pitt also says he felt he had wasted his time in the 90s sitting on the couch smoking weed, and how his marriage contributed to that boredom.

And he's saying it's her fault?
I'm not defending Pitt's insensitivity, but I think the guy is just trying to be honest. People have given Jolie a lot of crap over the years for supposedly breaking up the Pitt-Aniston marriage.

In any breakup, it's rarely one person's fault, whether or not you would like that to be the case.

Either way, it's not exactly a classy move to talk about your ex-wife like that to the press. Especially after you leave her for the most beautiful woman in the world with whom you emerge as a Hollywood super-couple.

Brad Pitt's damage control has begun. Pitt (his PR?) has come out to say that he was in fact the dull one, not Jen. Nice try, Bradley. The issue of Parade hasn't even been published yet, but extracts from the interview will be run in the New York Post this weekend.