Duchess of Cambridge: Fashion Influencer or Boring Dresser?

Thursday, September 15, 2011 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

Prior to the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, the New York Times ran an article predicting the tremendous influence Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is sure to have on the designs showcased on runways.

Catherine, formerly known as Kate Middleton (NOT 'Duchess Kate', America — SMDH) has wowed the world with her 'sexy conservative' clothes, as well as for going into territory that fashionistas rarely headed: recycling outfits.

Considering Prince William now has no hair, he has done well for himself.

Catherine (L) with the heir with no hair
The public adore Catherine's sense of style so much to the point that nearly everything she is photographed wearing instantly sells out. The Garrard engagement ring William gave her (which belonged previously to his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales), has cast a thousand copies all over the high street. In fact, within a few months of marrying the Prince, Catherine has managed to surpass Michelle Obama in fashion influence and selling power.

What am I trying to say about her that hasn't been said already? I've noticed that it hasn't all been love for Catherine. The grand duchess of high fashion, Dame Vivienne Westwood, put a stop to growing Kate Hysteria by basically saying she's boring, plus calling her out on her use, or rather abuse, of heavy black eyeliner.

Towards the end of New York Fashion Week, the Daily Mail writes that she has 'fallen foul of the sharp-tongued members of New York's so-called fash-pack'. Ouch. The article features a quote from a fashion director at the U.S. department store Nordstrom, stating that the Duchess is only 'following trends', rather than setting them. While this is somewhat true, said fashion director's credibility comes to question after they decided to let someone like Lauren Conrad launch her clothing line there.

While Catherine's clothing choices are not exactly groundbreaking, her impact on the fashion industry can't be underestimated. With people like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga around, maybe the Duchess is a gift the sartorial gods have been hoping for.

Since we're on the subject of royalty, word on the street is that Princess Beatrice is now looking into the world of fashion as a potential career path. Yes, Princess Beatrice, the one who wore a giant pretzel on her head to the most televised event of the decade (a hat so ugly that it has since been auctioned off on eBay), wants to go into fashion. It's probably a good thing she's a princess. At least she has her title to fall back on if her 'career' fails — a likely occurrence if she continues dressing like this.
We are not amused. Beatrice (R) is pictured with her toilet hat and sister Eugenie