How to Distinguish Between Light and Dark Soy Sauce

Saturday, September 03, 2011 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

I'm pissed off, because I've been forced to argue about the differences between light and dark soy sauce.

In two separate arguments, two raggedy ass trolls people have both tried to tell me that they know more than I do about a condiment that practically runs through my veins.

The first argument was with someone we will call D, which stands for douchebag. D is someone who is loud, obnoxious and always up for an argument for argument's sake. The whole thing kicked off when he said I got the differences between dark and light 'mixed up'.

I wish I could have pushed him into this pool of artisanally brewed Japanese soy sauce
According to D, I know nothing about soy sauce. He spent 15 minutes cutting me off and telling me how wrong I was. This was in a room full of people, and I don't even know his bitch ass that well. What a fucking douchebag. No wonder he has trouble getting laid.

How D feels when he can't laid on days that end with the letter Y
The second argument was with someone who had finished my bottle of light soy sauce and offered to replace it. Let's call him W for Weiner.

W's replacement was a bottle of dark soy sauce. I already had a bottle of that, but since I didn't want to be a bitch, I told him it was cool and that I'll just go and buy myself a bottle of light soy sauce.

He replied by asking me why I would ever buy light soy sauce. Why wouldn't I? W said: 'Dark soy sauce is basically double the amount of light soy sauce, so you're getting a bargain. Light soy sauce is just watered down dark soy sauce. So why would you ever buy light? You're just being ripped off!'

How I felt when I heard this
To be fair, W isn't that obnoxious, he is mostly just one of those spoilt, sheltered mama's boys, who genuinely thinks he is right all the time.

I tried to explain the truth to him, which he rejected. He pulled a D and kept cutting me off while I was trying to speak.

Why do people do that? Are they really so dumb that they can't accept other people's suggestions, not even when other people are right? If I remember correctly, I was so pissed off with his attitude that I ended up storming out of my own kitchen.

For a westerner who knows nothing about Chinese cuisine to argue with me about soy sauce is not just weird. It's batshit crazy.

So for everyone's benefit, I am going to make the differences clear.

Let's make this real simple for everybody. According to Wikipedia:

Light Soy Sauce is a thin, opaque, lighter brown soy sauce. It is the main soy sauce used for seasoning, since it is saltier, has less noticeable colour, and also adds a distinct flavour.

Dark Soy Sauce is a darker and slightly thicker soy sauce. It is aged longer and contains added molasses to give it its distinctive appearance. This variety is mainly used during cooking, since its flavour develops during heating. It has a richer, slightly sweeter, and less salty flavour than light soy sauce. Dark soy sauce is partly used to add colour and flavour to a dish after cooking, but, as stated above, is more often used during the cooking process, rather than after.

Bitch, it's not hard to Google this shit. Don't get it twisted.

The basic difference between dark and light is that the former is thicker and sweeter, and the latter saltier. Dark soy sauce is primarily used for marinating, whereas light is what is used to season the food mid- or post-cooking.

I hope this clears things up. If you don't know anything about Chinese cuisine or condiments, please don't argue with a Chinese person about it. You look dumb as fuck.