Il Cavaliere: Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi Caught Saying He is 'Sick of His Country'

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

Adding to a long list of wrongdoings Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been caught out in, which include sex scandals involving underage prostitutes, Il Cavaliere - as he is known - has recently been embroiled in yet another damning incident.

Phone recordings have surfaced in which the self-proclaimed 'best political leader in Europe and in the world' described Italy as 'shitty'. He is also heard to say that he is 'sickened' by the country of which he is prime minister, and is planning on leaving someday.

I'm not a politician, but even I could tell you that's not exactly good for his image.

In a way, Berlusconi is not unlike Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. They're both pretty indiscreet, kind of racist, and definitely tactless. Bottom line, no one would ever accuse either of them of being diplomatic.

There is only one tiny little difference here. Philip, as the Queen's husband, has no real political power, while Berlusconi runs a damn country.

'I'm actually the king of controversy.'

It remains unclear whether Jersey Shore currently filming in Italy has anything to do with Berlusconi's sentiments.