Confessions of a Third Year Undergraduate

Monday, December 19, 2011 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

This entry is inspired, in part, by this article on The Independent. A and I had been talking about how rigid and boring our once vibrant student lives have become. I then came across said article which echoes every sentiment felt by third year undergraduate today.

Everyone at university hates freshers. This hatred stems from a mixture of sour grapes and the fresh-faced first years' abilities to induce a mini riot every time they are out. They are the ones drinking cheap, unidentified vodka bought from the corner shop, getting lost while finding their way back to their halls of residence, turning up to lectures in ugly tracksuits or not turning up at all.

My first year at university was the complete opposite to the lifestyle I lead now. While A was at least good enough to turn up to most of her 9ams and hand in all her work on time, lecturers were lucky if I had attempted to make an appearance two weeks in a row. We went out three or four nights a week. I was spending my time in a permanent haze of either being drunk, or hungover. Once, I got pushed home from the club in a supermarket trolley across a park, by a guy I didn't know. A had her fair share of hot guys, while I made the fatal mistake of getting into a relationship (don't ever do that in your first year, kids). But where did all that stamina go now?

Rather than donning a bunny outfit, necking a whole bottle of something or other and running to Fuzzy Ducks  the notorious weekly Oxford night attended by other costumed drunkards  I'd rather stay in bed. I feel so old.

A and I ended the discussion by agreeing that if we could do first year all over again, we would. But for the foreseeable future, we will continue to spend our time dissing freshers and mourning the loss of happier, freer, drunker times.

No freshers were harmed during the making of this entry.

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