Modern Air Travel: The Downfall of Humanity

Friday, January 27, 2012 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

Several air travel incidents in recent weeks have really made me think that flying is causing people way too much grief to even be worth it.

From the unreasonable demands that airlines often make on luggage allowance to the zero leg room in cattle class, the stress this has on passengers is enough to make you hibernate in your room forever.

Yeah, I know some people do that anyway

As if the stress isn't enough, British Scareways Airways recently made a pretty serious gaffe of accidentally activating a pre-recorded message alerting passengers that the pilot was about to 'make an emergency landing on water', not once, but twice. The flight, from Miami to London, saw passengers scream and cry, before the cabin crew made assurances to everybody that it had in fact been a mistake.

There is something disturbing about a message informing passengers that they were likely to die coming from a recorded voice. The least that they could do is to get a human sitting behind the controls to do it.

Not that it would do much good in these dire situations. Just ask Alaska Airlines, which recently announced that it would scrap its 30-year tradition of handing out prayer cards to passengers alongside their meals. The cards, containing comforting words from the Bible, have apparently 'annoyed' and 'offended' passengers. A poll indicated that people did not like mixing religion with travel.

I'm not surprised that passengers were offended. It's a sinister concept for prayer cards to be given out on a flight. It's like saying that if you should make peace with God at any point in your life, then being on a plane with Alaska Airlines would be a good time to do it. Apparently, only first class passengers have had the pleasure of receiving said cards, since the airline had stopped serving meals to economy travellers circa 2006. This is why modern air travel is the downfall of humanity. Not only did the hoi polloi not deserve to eat, they were also not worthy of going to heaven.