The Ghost of Old Social Media Profiles

Sunday, January 15, 2012 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

Living in 2012 and being as social media-savvy as our generation is today, we all know it is incredibly easy for anyone to be able to search for other people's personal information online.

As a self-confessed social media junkie, and with the prominence of Facebook, Twitter and all other manners of social networking mediums, it is in this spirit that I decided to check out some of my old social networking profiles from back in the day and inspect the damage.

These include MySpace, early noughties tween favourite Bebo (does anyone still use that?) and of course, Xanga.

I can't believe I forgot/ignored these profiles' existence for as long as I did. There was nothing bad or inappropriate on them  I was 13 or 14 when I signed up for them, after all  but it's a cringeworthy process to review what I had once written. 

Not only were my writing skills truly awful, the contents of such rants could only be described as a combination of immaturity and shallowness. On the other hand, I was impressed by sites' efforts to alter their designs and promote themselves to appeal to the Facebook generation. I hadn't logged on to MySpace for perhaps more than three years, and its design at times echoes those of Mark Zuckerberg's creation.

So in the end, my profiles were, ironically, only swiftly deactivated out of fear of my friends stumbling upon them and making fun of me. Actually, that wouldn't fare too well for me either since placing Girls Aloud under 'my favourite artists' doesn't exactly make anyone look good.