The Obama Girls And Their Hard Knock Lives

Sunday, January 15, 2012 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, recently revealed in an interview with CBS just how much her young daughters hate 'presidential fanfare'.

Apparently, Sasha, 8, and Malia, 13, complain about their father Barack's convoy of Cadillacs whenever he shows up anywhere. Malia even said one of them 'nearly ran her teacher over'.

Trust America to treat their top politicians like rappers. I guess it's good to know that the girls are somewhat retaining a sense of normality in their lives, since every kid cringes at their parents.

Mrs O goes on to say that instead of watching all the latest films in the White House's 'sumptuous red velvet movie theatre', the girls choose to go to a public one instead.

Michelle's exact words were: 'I'm like, we have that movie here, and they're like, "I don't care."'

I take back what I said earlier. What... a difficult upbringing they have. My heart truly goes out to those two young 'uns.

The First Lady added that she was 'excited' about her daughters coming of age and the prospect of them meeting boys, saying it was part of their growing up in such an environment.

Somebody at the White House isn't doing their job right; they clearly forgot to show her news clippings of the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara.