Confessions of a Third Year Undergraduate, Part II: Second Semester, Twice As Frigid

Saturday, February 25, 2012 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

'Party days are over for students'
'Final year students forced to work'
- The Independent

I could lie and say that I've been spending all my time doing shots, but in truth, I found that my life as a third year undergraduate in the final semester of university had swiftly dwindled into a dull and repetitive schedule of reading, researching, writing and attending lectures. Waiting for the bus with fellow students to go into campus has effectively become the height of socialising.

Before long, I was starting to question my sanity. I wonder what had happened to my former self, the 18-year-old who was always to be found at any given club, on any given night of the week. The truth is, I don't even like going out anymore. The deadly combination of noise, smell, dubstep and drunken trolls all give me a huge yearning for my bed. I don't even want to imagine the amount of vomit and other bodily fluids that seem to routinely colonise clubs' dance floors. It doesn't really seem like there is much to do either, beyond being verbally molested by 50-year-old men.

Do I dislike going out because I'm a boring third year, or did I just grow out of it all? More importantly, will I ever get back into the partying scene with the same enthusiasm that I use to possess? It all remains to be seen. In the mean time, I think I'll just spend another Friday night snuggling up in bed.

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