The Art of Messaging: Can You Reply to My Damn Text?

Saturday, April 14, 2012 Andrea Lo 1 Comments

Here is something often wondered by millions across the world: Why haven't they replied to my text?

While guys are more frequently guilty of this, recently I have noticed a surge in bitches girls committing the cardinal sin of not replying to a message.

Worst still is when people don't RSVP to events and functions sent out via social networking sites. You would never ignore an invitation that arrived for you in the post, would you? Technology today has made life easier for everyone by enabling invitations being done online. I always say that with the prominence of social media, it is almost a bigger hassle to avoid people than to stay in touch. Why is it so damn hard to just click a fucking button? Not replying to your friends' messages and event invitations is really just akin to ignoring them face-to-face when they ask you a question, or invite you to something fun.

There is some leeway in all of this. With romantic interests, it is almost part of the game to see who would take the longest to reply. I don't believe in this, but if I did I probably wouldn't be single.

Every 14-year-old girl's motto

As for with good friends and family, what sort of fucking game are you playing at by not replying to messages? Hard to get? Please. If it's really that difficult to figure out a reply, just answer their question and get it over and done with.

D has inspired me with the best solution to invitees who decidedly ignore invitations: delete all those motherfuckers who still don't give me an answer the week before the event. Well, if it is taking them that long to make up their minds, I can only assume they're not coming. As for people who never text back, I am left with no choice but to simply give up on corresponding with them through messaging.

On the other hand, with guys, it's always a different story:

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