Shit People Say to Single Girls

Monday, July 21, 2014 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

People always offer comforting words to singletons, in the hope that it will make them feel better. It usually has the opposite effect.

These are the things I hear the most.

1. 'It will happen when you least expect it.'
I really don't understand why people say this. It's really not like I walk around, expecting to be swept off my feet (although that would be nice). And, like, if you didn't say yes to dates, then how would you ever start anything with anyone?

2. 'You're still so young! Go and have fun.'
When people say this, they mean: 'Go and have tons of casual sex.'

3. 'You deserve way better than (insert name of guy here).'
Meh. You just get over it and move on.

4. 'You're lonely? That's what dildos are for.'
I hate, hate, hate to quote Carrie Bradshaw on anything, but she's right (for once) here.

5. 'When you're in a relationship, you're going to wish you were single.'
But how would I know any different, if I didn't know?