The Life Cycle of a Blogger

Sunday, July 20, 2014 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

I've recently decided to start blogging again. It's an experience that can't really be described until you go through the motions yourself. If you are dedicated enough to your craft, your whole mentality changes. For an interesting perspective from a fellow blogger, P at A Silly Girl Abroad perfectly describes how having a blog changes your life forever.

This is the life cycle of a blogger, featuring the initial excitement, and the ups-and-downs we experience.

What should I write about? Will anyone read this?

K, I'm just gonna write this.

Aaah! I'm gonna publish this now.

OMG! Page views!

After that, the novelty starts to wear off. You still get a buzz when you see that people are reading it, but when you have a full-time job — especially one that requires you write, like mine — you start to neglect it a little bit.

No page views.

One day, you start to miss the feeling. You look back on it and you're like, 'I wrote that? I should really bring it back.'

But eventually, you get the hang of it. And you feel on top of the world again.