What Do Email Sign-offs Really Mean?

Sunday, August 24, 2014 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

Don't be fooled by email sign-offs. There's so much more meaning behind what is said.

I am taking time out from my busy day to write this email

Best regards
We could be friends

Best wishes
We have met and I think you're OK

We will never be friends

(From your boss)
Gratitude? As if. DO IT NOW

(From someone outside the company)
I am used to bossing people around

You didn't do this fast enough and I want it done right. This. Second

Many thanks
I'll put this here to increase the likelihood of you carrying out the task I asked

Thanks and regards
I am socially awkward

Thanx n cheers =)
I am 30 and still living at home

I spend all my money on alcohol and I know I will never get a promotion

I am an intern and copied this email template online

Kind regards
I am overcompensating

Fondest regards
I went to Canada for a year of university and dropped out but I tell everyone I am from there because I am pretentious as fuck

I am old as fuck

With compliments
I am a creepy fuck

I want to be down with the kids

I am English

Can we be friends?

I lick my cat while smearing Vaseline all over my body

Looking forward to hearing from you
Reply ASAP

Sorry for the inconvenience
If you had replied quicker then I wouldn't have had to write a follow-up email

Please consider the environment before you print out this email
I am annoying