Questions I Want to Ask People In Every Industry

Monday, June 08, 2015 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

I feel like we all have these questions but we're too shy to ask. Here, I'm going to ask them all in one go.

Adult Entertainer
Many porn stars try to portray the industry as a positive one but we still hear stories of ill treatment of women, etc. How widespread are these issues?

Art Gallery Assistant
How come you all sit with your Macbook looking miserable? Is turnover high?

How hard is it to resist eating what you're making?

Is it all about the money?

Butcher (Chinese)
It is well-known that Chinese butchery wastes no part of an animal. But is there a part that you shouldn't really eat, for whatever reason?

Celebrity Handler
Is this just a gateway to fame for you?

Have you ever been able to smell a patient's bad breath with your mask on?

How do you feel about shows like Grey's Anatomy portraying doctors primarily as sexy, sexual beings?

Is it true you have inverted nipples?

Driving Instructor
Have you ever taught someone who is completely unteachable and clearly a danger to road safety?

Fine Artist
Must you all be tortured souls?

For guys, is it easier to get women?

Flight Attendant
So much ink has been spilled over your profession. What remains the biggest myth?

Since you all clearly have favourites, how do you treat the ones you don't like? Do you try to keep it subtle?

How realistic is the portrayal of Triads in film? How often, for example, does something like this happen? (Skip to 3.01 for the good part)

How often do you lie?

Makeup Artist
How clean are your tools? How long does it take to thoroughly clean everything?

Nightclub Promoter
Club promoters get such bad rap. What's the worst misconception?

Why are you so mean to patients? Was it in your contract?

Oil Rig Worker
How do you combat loneliness?

Public Relations
How do you feel about the fact that 'public relations' is sometimes a euphemism for 'escort' in Cantonese?

Web Developer
Do you throw shade when people ask you computer-related questions a) because they're genuinely stupid; b) because you can?