Dating Dealbreakers

Sunday, May 24, 2015 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

Because dating only looks like this in Cosmo

1. Dirty fingernails
No one wants that in their insides.

2. Too hairy
I'm not supposed to be able to grab your back.

3. Bad clothes
We should look equally good when we step out.

4. Intellectual superiority complex
Sorry you're so insecure.

5. Masculinity overload
You don't have to pound 15 beers just to look like a man.

6. Femininity overload
Telling me you flew to Milan to go to the Miu Miu sample sale does not make my panties drop.

7. Being cheap
You can pay for this round and I will pay for the next. Under no circumstances should I be paying for it every single time.

8. Dismissive of other people's tastes different to their own
Just because I like reality TV and rap music doesn't mean I am a lesser human being than you.

9. Lack of understanding or tolerance for my schedule
I work hard and take care of myself. If you can't deal with that you can go find a smiling geisha.

10. Disrespecting former partners
The way you talk about her only makes me think that's how you're going to be talking about me one day.

11. Artsy fartsy bullshit
Forgive me if I don't care about abstract expressionism.

12. Drinking and partying even more than I do
You're too old to compete with me.

13. Used to date/sleep with my friend