Things People Are Searching For When They End Up at My Blog

Thursday, January 26, 2012 Andrea Lo 0 Comments

A lot of the web traffic on my blog is directed from Google, also known as everybody's favourite search engine. I don't even know why I had to add a description for Google; have you ever heard anybody say, 'oh, I'm going to Yahoo that' or 'I'm going to look that up on Bing'?

Web traffic directed from Google is indicated under a tab which provides the statistics of this blog, something which is analysed with a fine comb by me everyday. Along the way, I have picked up some of the more creative search key words to share with you all.

'Angry Asian chick' - No comment.

'Fat Mischa Barton' / 'Curvy Mischa Barton' - The latter is a nicer person than the former, but ultimately both mean the same thing.

'Dana Wilkey' - I had no idea why anyone would do a Google search on a Real Housewife in the first place, let alone why a search on one would land them on my little blog. Then I remembered that I seem to have mentioned her in one of my blog posts. My standards are really starting to slip.

'Kendall and Kylie' - This is why I now refuse to write about the Kardashians.

'Tamara Ecclestone boobs' - Well, this was bound to happen. My posts on the Ecclestone girls remain the most read, and numbers continue to grow everyday; a sad state of affairs.

'Tamara Ecclestone tight' - Right.

'Ecclestone girls net worth' - I don't understand this search. Isn't it all Daddy's money?

'And dressing' - Is this some new Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary phenomenon I am not aware of?

'Anonymous Troll' - Well, at least people know who I am now.